BTS Live Chats – Part II

Want to know more about our study programmes? Want to apply for September 2020?

Our live chats are a great opportunity to get immediate answers to your questions about the school, our study programmes, how to apply or any other questions you may have.

What awaits you in the live chat?

    • Professors will give you an overview of the study programmes.
    • Current students will also participate in the chats to answer questions about studying and student life at the LAM.
    • Live chats will be available in multiple languages.
    • You can enter and leave the chats at any time.
    • You may just sit in on the chats and just listen or participate actively, ask questions directly or write them down in the chat function.
    • You can remain completely anonymous by turning off your camera when participating in the live chats.
    • If any other questions remain, even after the live chats have ended, you can send us your questions via the form below.

Connect using the following link :

Admission Exam

The admission exam will be hold at our main campus on 19, rue Guillaume Schneider in Limpertsberg (room 222 and 223) and will be split into two parts: The first one consisting on written parts an the second one being an interview.

The written parts will be held on Monday, 16th of September
based on the following planning:

Time      Subject               Length
14h00    Mathematics    1h
16h00    Programming   3h

The interviews will be on Tuesday, 17th of September all over
the day. You will get your exact appointment after the programming
exam on Monday.